How to Win Football Bets Every Time with These 11 Secret Tricks in 2017

How to win football bets every time :-If you want to rich via gambling than you must know how to win football bets every time .In this guide we are going to share secret little known 11 secret football betting tricks .
how to win football bets every time

how to win football bets every time

At the end you will know that how to  win football bets every time.
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So Just start…
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1.Always Play  over 2.5 goals for these teams:-

There are a  lot of team which scored and concede a lot of goals.I have found out those list here.So whenever you see these team match just play over 2.5 goals and you will win 70% time.

Lorient 100% 0%
Sevilla 90.91% 0%
SSC Napoli 90% +10%
Monaco 90% 0%
Swansea City 90% 0%
AFC Bournemouth 90% 0%
Valencia 87.5% -12.5%
Glentoran 87.5% +12.5%
Legia Warszawa 85.71% 0%
Dinamo Bucuresti 85.71% +7.93%
Bala Town 85.71% 0%
Bangor City 85.71% 0%
Rhyl 85.71% 0%
Antalyaspor 85.71% +14.28%
PEC Zwolle 85.71% 0%
Sion 85.71% 0%
Wolfsberger AC 85.71% 0%
Real Madrid 84.62% +1.29%
Kasimpasa 83.33% +1.51%
Borussia Dortmund 77.78% 0%


2. Always Play BTTS on these team :-These are the worlds top attacking teams.Whenever you see these teams match just place your bets to BTTS.

Borussia Dortmund 90% 0%
Werder Bremen 88.89% +1.39%
Ards 88.89% +26.39%
Valencia 87.5% -12.5%
Malaga 87.5% +12.5%
Espanyol 87.5% +25%
Wisla Krakow 87.5% 0%
Mlada Boleslav 85.71% 0%
Sion 85.71% 0%
St. Patrick’s Athletic 85.71% 0%
Galatasaray 84.62% -6.29%
Bnei Sakhnin 81.82% +15.15%
Freiburg 80% -7.5%
Deportivo La Coruna 80% +2.22%
Atalanta 77.78% +15.28%
Lokeren 77.78% +15.28%
Sporting Gijon 75% -12.5%
Kasimpasa 75% -5%
Lorient 75% 0%
Antalyaspor 75% +17.86%

3.Beware Of Scams –

tips to win football bets

There are many many person/tipster who sell fixed tips at just for hundreds bucks.

Remember if someone have FIXED TIPS he will not sell it.

He play his on property and win all the money.

So don;t waste your money so called fixed tips.

They are the tools to make you fool and nothing.

This is the best tips you will ever get on how to win football bets every time.


4.Never bet more than you can afford to lose

never bet more than you can afford to lose football betting

Like said before it is really important that you define a clear line of how much money you will have as your max stack. That means that if you lose your entire stack you will still be able to live your normal life.

5.Patience is the key

patience is the key to crack football bets

You are not going to win every bet, if you want to become successful at betting on football you need to be patient and pick the right bets for you

This is the reason we don’t give too many tips here.We just provide quality and most sure bets here.

6.Record And Analyse Your Bets
Keep  a master spreadsheet detailing all your bets and keep different sheets  for all the types of bets and/or tipster services you follow. At set  intervals it is a good idea to re-evaluate how things are going. Are  your stakes big enough? Are there certain bets you do well and badly  with that you need to take account of?
Are there times of the season  where you should stake more (or less) aggressively to reflect your edge  over the bookies? These are all questions you can answer with a  comprehensive bet record in front of you.
7.Open a specific bank account for betting.
8.Don’t be afraid to betting on underdogs and non fav

9.Become the Bookie/Bet on an Exchange

Exchange betting is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with the advent of the internet and online books over a decade ago. This can allow you to effectively “become the bookie” and offer other gamblers odds on a certain outcome. Even when taking into account the house commission, this can still prove very profitable.

Let’s look at an example now.

Respected sportsbook A has a MLB baseball game listed as

Team A -130
Team B +110

You are browsing your favorite exchange and see the best available offer at

Team A -145
Team B +100

You decide to put in an offer and put up $105 to win $100 and pick Team B to win. Now the exchange will update to show

Team A -145
Team B +105

Someone decides to take your offer and bets the full $100 to win $105. Even taking into account the house’s cut (2% of all winning bets), you are still in good shape and better off than taking this bet at the well respected Book A.

10. Treat Betting Like A Small Business –

The most effective sports betting tip anyone can know is that betting has to be treated like a small business. A growing number of people today are beginning to make sporting betting their way of earning an income.

how to win in football betting



The easiest means to remain in charge of the sports betting market would be to maintain control of the money being circulated. The ideal piece of advice which can be given is to consider all potential factors. Before producing a wager, the bettor should have enough understanding of the upcoming game.



11.Don’t play on every league:-

 If you don’t wish to dive into the total NFL season, at least focus on your own favorite team. If you would like to become successful, you must get familiar with other teams as well as their players.

The absence of the crucial player in a game can impact the outcome in a significant way. However, football has over 20 starters, so a single non-important injury shouldn’t have a large effect on the game.


12. Find The highest odds 

 One method to assist you in finding value bets will be to use odds comparison sites. Really consider the odds you’re getting when placing your bet.

There are a number of factors you want to look at, so go at your own pace and read everything. Once you look into all these factors, you ought to be prepared to make some funds! In doing this, sports betting can not merely be enjoyable, but additionally quite profitable.



13.Add Small ,Make Large – 

A very simple method to win any  betting sport is ,Avoid losing. Simply saving money is like making money in betting.  

crack every bet on soccer


So You need to take some high odds bet at weekend  which need low risk and give high odds .Try to bet at High Accumulator bet at every weekend .



14.Play Every Bet with Same Stake: –

No tips ,No secret and even no tipster can make you win in betting unless  you follow this simple thing and that is Play Every Bet by Same Stake.


Final Words:- 

If you want to win in football than must follow all the rule.Now I am sure you have deep knowledge about how to win football bets every time.

Please share your thoughts about this post How to win football bets every time and make big money from soccer gambling.



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